Brand Journalism | Copywriting 

Reporting for print/digital publication, B2B brand content

What keeps readers coming back to a publication issue after issue? What keeps the target audience riveted to a brand? Great stories.

It takes skill to identify a great story, and not a small amount of work to gather the details and present them in a way the keeps the reader interested.

Great copy is an art form that sells. Copywriters may be the most unsung artists in creative disciplines.

Saint Francis de Sales is the patron saint of writers and journalists. He wrote several books along with hundreds of pamphlets, many focused on how a life of virtue is just as attainable for laity as for those who pursue religious life.
The Gutenberg Printing Press (circa 1450) opened the door to the modern communication era.

Communications Strategy

Quality content created and distributed to the target audience

Organizations have great stories to tell which inspire their audience to take action.

A good communication plan ensures great stories are read, seen and heard by those who will benefit most from their message.

Great content, strategically distributed, creates impact.

Portuguese to English Translation

Books, documents, print/digital content

The language industry is a moving target. Creative agencies, publications and authors face unique challenges when transforming messages, stories and information into multiple languages.

Agencies and organizations working in some combination of English, Portuguese and Spanish enjoy numerous competencies under one roof by partnering with Heartland Multilingual.

Lusophone authors and media looking to deliver content to English readers benefit from a linguist who has translated more than 4 million words of B2B content from Portuguese since 2014.

Saint Jerome is the patron saint of translators and a prolific writer. Around 342 he began a 40-year project translating most of the Bible into Latin, the language of common discourse in the Roman Empire during that period.