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Steve Rainwater – Linguist, Writer, Editorial Consultant


“Steve Rainwater understands the needs of both the target audience and the client, and balances those two factors in delivering useful information. He has a way with the written word that is not common among public relations professionals today.”

—Dan Davis – Editor-in-Chief, FMA Communications

“Steve Rainwater’s ability with creative writing and translation is worth emphasizing. It’s rare to find a professional who can maintain the author’s idea and style in the translation process.”

—Giulia Gambassi – Revise-se Consultoria Linguística



It’s both satisfying and rewarding to identify the story and get it out. I’ve made a living in business communications, product marketing, and B2B journalism for more than 20 years. I wake up every day excited to dig into the next project.

Since 2001 I’ve penned and distributed content in well-known B2B industries such as environmentally responsible manufacturing, quality management, architectural products, green building. I’ve covered specialized markets like vegetable-based lubricants, and metal stamping.

I’ve done nearly every strategy-related job in this business too; developed campaigns, purchased ads, managed clients, sales, partnerships, media relations, led creative teams.

Face it, there are lots of talented pros out there. Partner with those who keep your projects on track, delight your clients, and require no hand holding.

I now work extensively in translation. It’s a writing job from a different perspective. My B2B portfolio from Portuguese into English is assorted and diverse. Over five million words translated since 2014. 

Translation highlights include industrial marketing/pr, consumer health products, pharmacovigilance, technical research, business agreements, corporate documents, airline industry.

Among the most interesting developments on the planet today is the explosive growth of Christianity in the Southern Hemisphere with its impact on local and international cultures, governments, events.

I’m always ready to assist faith-based media and other digital news outlets reporting on those regions. Use my language skills to enhance current coverage, add new coverage, curate content.